Lindy Klim on Why It’s Time to Start Taking Care of Our Whole Selves

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Founder of Fig Femme, Lindy Klim, wants us to start embracing self-care down there.

Lindy Klim has always been ahead of her time.  Decades before the market was flooded with skincare products for men and babies, Lindy and her then-husband, Olympic swimmer Michael Klim, launched Milk & Co. 

And now, the model-turned-entrepreneur is on a mission to remove the stigma around self-care down there. Launching her female wellness brand, Fig Femme, in 2020 and almost breaking the internet with her divisive vulva mask, the entrepreneur makes no apologies for her brand's vision. 

In this exclusive chat with Sitchu, Lindy discusses why we need to start prioritising our whole selves, her genius travel hacks and covetable style as well as her favourite Sydney spots. 


Breaking the Taboo

"Women tend to look after every aspect of themselves, from hair to nails but often overlook the most vital area - their vulva and vagina. Fig Femme was born out of this realisation and a desire to break taboo topics surrounding intimate health," Lindy tells Sitchu.

The inspiration behind Fig Femme traces back to Lindy's personal experience during pregnancy and postpartum, where she noticed a massive lack of care for intimate areas.

As a mother of four, Lindy has been in the parenting game for 18 years and has embarked on a mission to create products that not only look after the vulva but aren’t naff or embarrassing. 

"What sets Fig Femme apart is its chic and contemporary approach to feminine wellness," Lindy explains. "Gone are the days of clinical-looking products; Fig Femme offers a range that women can proudly display in their bathroom cabinets or handbags."

While Fig Femme made headlines and sent social media into a tizzy when it first launched, Lindy says there's clearly a demand for it, particularly after her products caught the attention of Kourtney Kardashian's wellness brand, Poosh.

"The Kardashian effect truly amplified our reach. It's remarkable how influential voices can reshape narratives. I just kind of wished that Australia was ready for it when I launched."

Tried & Tested

Central to Fig Femme's ethos is safety and efficacy. Lindy emphasises the brand's commitment to collaborating with experts to ensure pH balance and the absence of harmful chemicals in its products.

"Women deserve products that make them feel good without compromising their health," she asserts.

"It's okay for an 80-year-old male obstetrician to say all you need is warm water to wash down there because, in theory, that's all you technically need for your whole body," she notes, pointing out that we still put moisturiser on our body and serums, actives and creams on our face. 

"We want to use things that make us feel good, look beautiful, and smell nice. There's a ritual feeling about it," the founder explains. 

With products including the Biodegradable Intimate Wipes ($10), the Refresh Daily Wash ($15), and the Revive Hydrating Mist ($17), every product is pH-balanced, hypoallergenic alcohol, paraben, dye, and toxin-free, and most importantly, gentle and soothing.


Her Go-To Travel Uniform 

Primarily based in Bali, Lindy often flies back to Sydney and Melbourne throughout the year. As a seasoned jet-setter, she has a few clever packing hacks up her sleeve, saying it all comes down to having a chic yet comfortable uniform when in transit, made up of a blazer, jeans, and a classic trainer. 

"Acne and Stella McCartney do great blazers. Jeans-wise, I love Nobody Denim; I absolutely love it.

"And then, of course, Bassike t-shirts, and always New Balance trainers," she reveals of her go-to travel uniform. 

Her personal style is equally as low-key yet classic. Lindy cites Prada heels, Camilla and Marc blazers, and her husband's oversized tees as some of her wardrobe MVPS, opting for timeless pieces instead of trend-driven items. 


Sydney Hot Spots

Lindy says she's recently started falling back in love with Sydney and finds herself returning to the same old faithful places. 

"I used to live in Bondi, so I always go back there. As for restaurants, I always go to 10 William St [in Paddington] every time I'm back in Sydney, and of course, Totti's [in Bondi]." 

With four children, including her youngest daughter Goldie, six, Lindy loves letting them burn some energy at the Darling Harbour Kids Playground, complete with slides, flying foxes, and water play. Her family also enjoys exploring Chinatown. 

"It's so epic! And I love Chinese food," she says. 

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