Fig Femme New Product Launch

“No more disco fanny!”, declared Lindy Klim at the launch of Fig Femme at the Osborne Hotel in Melbourne. The new product launch event run by Helen Reizer of Helen Reizer PR and Simone Marshall of Two Hands Agency was vibrant and lively, with espresso martinis, exquisite canapes, dancing and of course, the star of the night, Fig Femme, which took centre stage amidst the excitement of the evening. The bathrooms, a place not only to freshen up your make up, were decked out with Fig Femme products. A refreshing adjustment to the per usual amenities. 

Founder and Creative Director of Fig Femme, Lindy Klim, is an absolute powerhouse. She is a mother, an entrepreneur, a model and Indonesian royalty. Her entrepreneurial journey led her to establish Fig Femme in 2020, driven by the recognition of a significant gap in the market for female hygiene products. Fig Femme is a brand that not only provides high-quality products tailored to women’s needs but also fosters open and honest conversations about feminine hygiene and encourages everyone to feel beautiful and empowered. The brand’s commitment to intimate wellness is reflected in its use of safe and nourishing ingredients, emphasising a holistic approach to female care.

Fig Femme offers a range of natural, cruelty-free intimate wellness products designed for women, including hydration products, sheet masks specifically designed for vulva skin, pH-balanced and hypoallergenic wipes, pH-balanced and fragrance-free Refresh Self-foaming wash and more!

It’s skincare made for ‘down there’. 

Written by Adriana Perri @leblondefox

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