Talking about your most intimate body parts can be awkward and uncomfortable. Conversations flow freely of our extensive hair and skincare routines, and beauty secrets that cater from tip-to-toe are shared candidly without concern.

Have you ever stopped to think about a self-care practice that extends far beyond the exposed? It’s the core of all femininity, yet the topic is so frequently dismissed. It’s time to stop beating around the bush - we are talking about those precious lady bits.

Welcome to FIG… the new breed of intimate-wellness that caters for your most delicate of body parts. Offering a nurturing range of wellness orientated skincare that supports self-confidence, and encourages women to take control of their individual intimate health needs. Aiding in a sense of empowerment, FIG and its female-led founder aim to normalise the conversations around woman’s intimate-wellness and help foster a self-care culture that’s honest, nurturing and empowering. 



With four kids herself, Lindy Klim knows a thing or two when it comes to women’s intimate care. Sick of the typical taboo connotations associated with talking about the female vulva and the lack of conversations and (readily available) information on post-pregnancy care - Lindy made it her mission to create a wellness brand that encourages an open and honest self-care routine.


Care for the vulva is no less important than care for any other body surface.  The candidly brazen conversations between friends began - swapping pregnancy stories and frank truths of the matter.