Intimacy and the new lube lexicon.

Lubricate your mind. 

Lubrication is vital at many junctures in life: wine to lube first-date jitters, water on a backyard slip ‘n slide, moisturiser pre-hyaluronic acid application, and of course, sex. While a lot of sexually active (be it solo or with a partner) individuals claim they don’t ‘need’ lube per se, two 20-something multi-disciplinaries from Melbourne have made a strong case for the benefits of well-thought-out lubrication. 

Basically, close confidantes and now business partners Eloise O’Sullivan and Eloise McCullough have made an impeccably-stylish, non-greasy lube that matches the pH of the vulva (goodbye, thrush) and is derived from Australian native extracts. As both FIG Femme and FIGR share not only a similar name and ethos, but also the same hometown, we wanted to undress what exactly it means for the Eloise’s to enhance intimacy. Both of our communities are celebrated for spending more intimate moments solo, believing the ultimate night alone at home should involve a vulva mask followed by some FIGR-fuelled foreplay (or vice versa).

Here, the girls advocate for letting go of inhibitions both in and out of the bedroom, and fighting the good against nefarious, sexually-induced infections. A plausible preventative to UTIs and thrush? Go FIGR. Literally. 

When did you feel the best in your body/skin? And why do you think so? 

When I remind myself that my body is my own, it’s natural and it is what it is and it is only subject to capitalist constructs of beauty when I allow it. 

When did you feel the worst in your body/skin? And why do you think so? 

When you're drip fed through media of how your body is meant to look but then you just realise the above. Also dairy, cut that stuff out!

How did you find trialling our sheet mask? What was the experience like?

Eloise M: Last time I used the FIG Femme vulva mask was after a laser session. It’s uber refreshing, hydrating and forces you to take a moment for yourself. You quite literally won’t be going anywhere with a sheet mask adhered to your vulva, so embrace that. 

Do you have a track-record like the cursed yeast infection, thrush or UTIs? How do you deal with these/soothe them/fend them off? 

Eloise O: They cling to me, even though I've asked them very politely to leave me alone. My hot, itchy tips would be, watch out for what you use on your body; pH balanced to a vulva is fundamental. Canesten cream works wonders & breathable underwear. Also take a mental note of every time you get one so you can be aware of your set offs.

Why did you make FIGR?  

At the time of FIGR’s inception there was a prevalent gap in the way lube was being marketed and sold to the people. Lube needed to be different, so we did it.

And what would you say to a lube skeptic? What might they underestimate about the power and purpose of lube? 

If you’re a skeptic, all we ask is that you don’t shut off your sexual experiences to lube. Go at your own pace & keep your mind open to new experiences and try everything at least once. Lube has been around since 350BC, however it was substituted with olive oil, but when in rome. 

You've mentioned lube can be extra-helpful for anyone taking antidepressants. Can you explain this connection? (And if comfortable, your own experience with this). 

Eloise M: One of the side effects to being on all different kinds of medication unfortunately can affect your libido. This then makes the process of naturally lubrication a lot more difficult, which is nothing to be ashamed of. Lube will become your best friend, along with protecting yourself from any tearing which can lead to major discomfort.

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