Lindy x Glow Journal podcast

"I don’t really think Lindy Klim needs an introduction, however I can say fairly confidently that this interview does show a side to Lindy that I’m not so sure the general public will have seen before despite her having spent over 20 years in the public eye. Lindy has founded not one but two beauty brands (Milk & Co with her ex husband Michael back in 2008, and Fig Femme in 2020), but her own relationship with beauty has taken a significant amount of work.

Lindy was the only Asian girl at her school in Tasmania, an experience she talks about in this conversation, and she started modelling in her late teens which led to a really, really complicated relationship with her body- a relationship she tells me she was only really able to heal once she had children.

Lindy’s founder story is a particularly interesting one because her brand was deemed so controversial by the press pretty much immediately upon its launch. Fig Femme is an intimate care brand, and it launched with a vulva mask (think of a sheet mask you’d put on your face, but for your vulva) which led to a lot of negative press. The tide has well and truly turned since, but it was SO interesting to hear from Lindy on the mental toll it takes when you spend years and years developing a brand with the goal of removing a stigma, only to have it more or less dragged over the coals within minutes of taking it live.

In Episode 130 of the Glow Journal podcast, Lindy shares why she thinks Australia has been pretty far behind the rest of the world when it comes to intimate care, how she pitched a vulva mask to a boardroom full of men in suits, and details on the five year distribution deal the brand has just signed in the Middle East. Listen now on Apple Podcasts and Spotify" - Gemma Dimond

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