Skincare for down there

Our products are designed with a deep understanding of women’s unique needs. It’s not about fixing problems; it’s about enhancing your intimate well-being and celebrating your body's remarkable capabilities. Designed for you to refresh, revive and restore.

We’re committed to providing accessible information, high-quality products and a supportive community that fosters open dialogue about vaginal health. Our community embraces inclusivity and individuality and our aim is to make every woman feel confident, empowered and informed. Our all-natural approach ensures that you receive products of the highest quality that are gentle on your body and don’t disrupt your body's natural PH. Experience a new level of self-care, confidence, and well-being that leaves you feeling fresh, radiant and empowered.

Our Ingredients

​​The intimate area requires specially tailored care, as the vagina has a lower pH value than the rest of the body. That’s why our products offer gentle, pH-balanced solutions that nurture and protect your most delicate areas, promoting lasting freshness, comfort, and confidence. With a focus on natural and vegan-friendly ingredients, our products are free from synthetic fragrances and harsh chemicals to avoid discomfort. Whether you seek soothing relief from irritation, optimal hydration, or simply want to feel your most vibrant self, Fig Femme products seamlessly blend into your everyday routine.

Our objective is to help you be the best version of yourself and provide you with products that align with your values. That’s why Fig Femme never tests on animals, we abstain from using animal products in our formula and use all raw ingredients compliant with EU regulations and testing bans.

Experience the Fig Femme difference – self-confidence and self-love, one wash at a time.

Feel Your Best

Where self-love meets science, redefining intimate wellness, as a journey of empowerment

  • Freshness

    Clean, confident and long-lasting freshness

  • Restore Vulva Mask - Fig Femme


    Revive, nurture and restore

  • Hydration

    Nourish, hydrate and recover

  • Scent

    Refresh and feel confident every day

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